Technical SEO

What Is Technical SEO and How Does It Work?

The practice of ensuring that a website fits the standards of modern search engines in order to increase organic ranks is known as technical SEO. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture are all important aspects of it.

Technical SEO

What Is the Importance of this?

You can have the best content and the best website.

But what if isn’t working?

Then you will not be ranked.

Google and other search engines must be able to find, crawl, render, and index the pages on your website at the most basic level.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Even if Google indexes all of your site’s content, your work isn’t finished.

That’s because, in order for your site to be fully optimized for technical SEO, its pages must be safe, mobile-friendly, duplicate-content-free, and fast-loading… There are a million additional factors that go into technical optimization.

That isn’t to argue that your technical SEO must be flawless in order to rank. It isn’t the case.

However, the easier you make it for Google to find your material, the greater your chances of ranking.

It is a crucial part of the whole SEO process. If you have issues with technical SEO, it’s likely that your SEO efforts will not yield the desired results.

Check indexing

Make sure Google can index the sites you want visitors to find. It’s no coincidence that the last two chapters were all about crawling and indexing.

You can use Site Audit’s Indexability report to locate pages that can’t be indexed and learn why. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools offers it for free.

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